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Cirque de la Symphonie

Cirque de la Symphonie is a new production formed to bring the magic of cirque to the music hall. It is an exciting adaptation of artistic performances widely seen in theaters and arenas everywhere.

Artists include the most amazing veterans of exceptional cirque programs throughout the world—aerial flyers, acrobats, contortionists, dancers, jugglers, balancers, and strongmen.

Each artist's performance is professionally choreographed to classical masterpieces and popular contemporary music in collaboration with the maestro.

Watch HD video of our recent performance (complete, in two parts) in Sydney, Australia!

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Upcoming Performances

Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra, Orlando, FL

4/18/2020 - 4/19/2020
Kingston Symphony, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

5/9/2020 - 5/10/2020
Victoria Symphony, Victoria, BC, Canada

5/29/2020 - 5/30/2020
Modesto Symphony Orchestra, Modesto, CA