Here are a few of the many rave reviews for Cirque de la Symphonie.
MD Theatre Guide
"...a show that everyone needs to see at least once"
"cirque acts are perfectly choreographed to the music, making every piece the perfect marriage of movement and music"
"quite stunning ... one of the most breathtaking things I've seen in a long time"
"Cirque de la Symphonie is an experience for everyone."
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DC Metro Theater Arts
"the ushers .. helped me pick my jaw up off the floor."
"an amazing combination of classical music and incredible cirque performances"
"two great tastes that taste great together"
"audiences applauding throughout the performance, audibly gasping, laughing, and crying out in delight"
"I promised myself that I wouldn't gush, but that's really what the program deserves."
"nothing short of breathtaking"
"It would take too long to praise each and every act, but rest assured that the entirety of Cirque de la Symphonie deserves it."
"an evening that should appeal to everyone — young and old, fans of classical music, and otherwise"
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The San Francisco Examiner
"Cirque de la Symphonie dazzles and defies death"
"full house of delighted and mesmerized adults and children ... a crowd pleasing joy to behold"
"beauty and delicacy ... incredible precision and timing ... dramatic applause and cheering"
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Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
"Symphony presents a treat for eyes and ears"
"The only question after Thursday evening's sold out Pittsburgh Symphony Pops presentation of Cirque de la Symphonie is: How soon will the musically adept circus act return to Heinz Hall?"
"The audience was extremely enthusiastic."
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Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel
"MSO flies high with acrobats"
"aesthetically spectacular program"
"Minus the performing animals and sawdust, the big top has come to town, big time."
"They earned the extended cheering you would expect from sports crowds."
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"Symphony plus circus equals a spectacular show!"
"Jaw-dropping ... a well-deserved standing ovation"
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The Seattle Times
"The capacity crowd that turned out for Cirque de la Symphonie could not have been more pleased."
"The artists provided some great thrills."
"World-class performers achieved the seemingly impossible."
"an audience willing to surrender to every nuance or peak ... a successfully dreamy evening"
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The Orange County Register
"Cirque de la Symphonie wows Verizon"
"The crowd was large and happy and ate it up, and rightly so." ... "Every routine was a delight."
"a memorable, entertaining evening that, if repeated, will surely draw them in again."
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Express Milwaukee
"the most exciting idea to hit the symphonic pops circuit in some time"
"seemingly impossible combinations of strength and acrobatics"
"It was all artfully and gracefully done, with stylish European flair."
"I just have three more words to add about Cirque de la Symphonie: Bring 'em back!"
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The Philadelphia Inquirer
"Cirque De La Symphonie Mixes Music with Big-Top Action"
"gravity-defying feats"
"Cirque de la Symphonie is all right!"
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The Baltimore Sun
"collective "oohs" and "ahs" ... shouts of approval"
"remarkably well-timed to the music ... whets the appetite for what's next"
"a startling demonstration of slow-motion, seemingly impossible hand-balancing"
"sleeper hit of the season"
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The Buffalo News
"The audience was agog. People gasped!"
"unbelievable dance-like movements"
"The feats these muscle men pulled off!"
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Portland Press Herald
"death-defying, colossal and stupendous ... the most astonishing poses ... almost hallucinogenic"
"An astounding aerial pas de deux on red silk ribbons brought the house down."
"a well deserved standing ovation"
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The Grand Rapids Press
"Cirque acts thrill Grand Rapids Symphony audience"
"wonder, surprises and enchantment" ... "How do they do that!?"
"Extraordinary! The audience ended the night with a standing ovation."
" aerial pas de deux of grace and beauty"
"Cirque de la Symphonie's show is a real treat for the eye as well as the ear."
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Duluth News Tribune
"Wow! What a night!" ... "No words will do justice!"
"If you weren't there, you simply won't understand ... this was stellar entertainment."
Full Review
Kansas City Free Press
"Cirque de la Symphonie dazzles KC Symphony audiences"
"the world's finest cirque artists ... drawing sell-out crowds"
"stunning ... scintillating grace of movement ... brought down the house"
"astonishing to behold ... bringing the house to a standing ovation"
Full Review
Review Vancouver
"I hadn't expected was to have to physically shut my jaw after several notable performances."
"truly amazing choreography and acrobat feats performed in perfect timing to classical music"
"We were watching the very best."
"The natural combination of these two arts forms provided new dimensions that only enhanced one another."
"It seemed everyone left with a feeling of having been part of something really quite special. "
"Sometimes magic does happen."
Full Review
The Augusta Chronicle
"I've never seen this hall this packed!"
"Just look at it ... It's perfect."
Full Review
St. Petersburg Times
"The audience regularly erupted into applause."
"a melancholy work of poetic fluidity, floating above the stage with grace and real drama"
"stunning ... did things that humans shouldn't be able to do"
Full Review Indianapolis
"Irresistible ... extraordinary"
"Exquisite, breathtaking feats"
"..dazzled the audience and often drew gasps as they soared, balanced and contorted, to the delight of all."
"some heart-stopping moments"
"a breath-taking display of agility and incomparable beauty"
Full Review
Now Playing Austin
"Spell-binding beauty and grace" ... "awe-inspiring"
"magical, beautiful, joyous entertainment" ... "eye-popping" ... "a show not to be missed"
Full Review
The Seattle Times
"a fantastic holiday show"
"spectacular aerial feats, juggling madness and a strongman act that resembles a hallucination"
"certainly stokes holiday excitement ... The look on kids' faces in the crowd doesn't lie."
Full Review
The Columbus Dispatch
"daring and dramatic ... a fun and rewarding diversion"
"large, appreciative crowd"
Full Review
Eugene Daily News
"rich combination of aesthetic beauty interwoven with musical compositions held attendees in a trance" ... "nothing less than mesmerizing"
"demonstrations of strength, grace, and artistry"
Full Review
Appleton Post Crescent
"Circus and Symphony!" ... "gasps and applause"
"a wonderful blending of artistry and acrobatics, a synthesis of two great art forms"
"compelling movements and displays of human strength held the audience captive"
"Let us hope that we see this troupe of performers in our town again."
Full Review
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
"This one was visually riveting."
"People were sitting on the edge of their chairs watching the exciting action."
"Cirque artists amaze... you've never seen anything like this on any local concert stage!"
"cirque artists doing amazing and even magical things"
Full Review
Indianapolis Woman
"a unique and entertaining show, definitely fun for the entire family"
"I only hope the powers that be decide to bring back the show next season, hopefully for more than just three performances."
Full Review
Lexington Herald-Reader
"Bringing in Cirque de la Symphonie enhanced the musical heft of the concert."
"dramatic and dazzling ... making a huge impression"
Full Review
Mobile Press-Register
"Now for something completely different ... "
"the artistry of the human body taken to extreme limits"
"Audience responses throughout the evening were spontaneous and sometimes breathless at the dazzling virtuosity of the Cirque artists."
Full Review
The Cincinnati Enquirer
"crowd-pleasing ... synergy of orchestral accompaniment to the spectacle of cirque"
"a hybrid of circus and fine art"
"the synchronization proved admirably adept"
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Wheeling News-Register
"Beauty, Elegance, Strength, Flexibility, Humor"
"The evening was amazing ... a feast for eyes and ears."
"It lifts the spirit ... such elegance and beauty!"
"The selection of music was, of course, perfect with the cirque acts."
Full Review
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
"a show unlike any other ... astonishing"
The capacity house expressed open admiration for everyone."
"There was humor and magic as well."
Full Review
El Paso Times
"a hit with both the orchestra and the audience, a refreshing mix of EPSO faithful & new faces"
"got more than a few "oohs" and "aahs" out of the crowd"
Full Review
Lincoln Journal Star
"LSO season opener is flawless"
"well-choreographed ... spectacular ... ultimate grace"
"a masterpiece both for orchestra and acrobats"
Full Review
The Miami Concerts Examiner
"an amazing experience ... could become a tradition"
"excitement in the air ... an incredible fusion of these two art forms"
"a three-dimensional entertainment extravaganza"
Full Review
Tulsa World
"These feats bring a smile to one's face, even a thrill down the spine."
"Everything was done with understated grace, precision, even humor."
"remarkable displays of human ability"
Full Review
Broad Street Review
"What better way to stimulate fresh interest in serious music?"
"appeals to a broad range of audiences ... demonstrated gorgeous chemistry"
"novel and mesmerizing execution ... the audience went wild."
"the answer to the Philadelphia Orchestra's declining attendance figures"
Full Review
Northern Iowan
"Cirque de la Symphonie leaves crowd in awe"
"Audience members whispered words of astonishment to each other."
"performers were applauded and a standing ovation was given"
Full Review
Alpharetta-Milton Patch
"The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Cirque de la Symphonie paired up for an exhilarating evening at the Verizon Amphitheater"
"The audience was varied ... performance was one that could be enjoyed by people of all ages."
"perfectly choreographed ... the audience cheered and clapped in amazement"
"a treat for the ears and the eyes"
Full Review
Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier
"Cirque de Symphonie dazzle enthusiastic audience"
"Weinberger has given us unique programs before, but surely this one tops them all,"
"masters of vivid expression through physical strength, movement and grace"
"maneuvers that thrilled and stunned the audience ... a visual feast"
"The large crowd frequently shouted their enthusiasm for this talented group."
"What a dazzling way to open the new musical season!"
Full Review
Tallahassee Democrat
"left the audiences wanting more ... flawless"
"a sense of grace fell over the stage ... control and precision were breathtaking"
"a genuine show-stopper ... awe-inspiring"
"What really made the entire show was how well the music was choreographed with the cirque performers. The two art forms, while independent, showed sensitivity to one another and worked as one; even though the cirque artists performed center-stage and acted as the soloists, they moved to the music and complimented it rather than overpowered it. The overall presentation was professional and entertaining, and certainly a show for the entire family."
Full Review
The Muskegon Chronicle
"a magical treat"
"The combination was clearly successful, as the applause at the end of each number was almost deafening."
"The artistic combination of symphonic music, graceful choreography, and amazing acrobatic feats made for a night of aural, visual, and soulful perfection."
Full Review
The Grand Rapids Press
"What Ravel and Tchaikovsky do for the ear, Cirque de la Symphonie does for the eye with lingering routines in the air and inexplicable feats of strength on the ground."
Full Review
The Salt Lake Tribune
" elegant cadre of aerialists, contortionists, strongmen and acrobats accompanied by the symphony"
"...defied gravity... gasp-inspiring moments"
Full Review
MD Theatre Guide
"...Strathmore audiences were in awe...amazing acrobatic feats"
"From beginning to end, it was a wonderful concert, filled with favorite holiday music and simply stunning performances by a whole host of world class aerialists, acrobats, jugglers, dancers and contortionists."
"It would be a difficult challenge to pick a favorite from the Cirque de la Symphonie artists who performed last night. Very much at the top of their game, their talent seems to know no bounds."
"...the memory of this superb concert will last longer than anything one can package in a box."
Full Review
The Baltimore Sun
"turnout was strong, crowd reaction vociferously enthusiastic"
"The folks of Cirque de la Symphonie clearly know how to make it all work in a concert hall setting. It's a smooth operation all around."
"top-notch talent... amazing, strikingly choreographed feats... terrific aerial work"
Full Review
The Miami Concerts Examiner
"A full house... a medium to introduce young audiences to the music concert hall"
"When the artists of Cirque de la Symphonie perform in front of a full orchestra, an incredible fusion of these two great art forms take place, turning the concert into a three dimensional entertainment extravaganza."
"could become a tradition"
"entertaining and beautiful program that merges good music with the fun of cirque"
Full Review
"A feast for the eyes is what happens when Alexander Streltsov and Christine Van Loo, wrapped in red silk, twirl and spin, intertwined together, 20-feet above the stage."
"You have to see it to believe it."
Full Review
The Columbus Dispatch
"Perfect for people who enjoy classical music but wish it was as exciting to watch as it is to hear."
"Dazzling ... Astounding ... Fascinating"
Full Review
Charleston Today
"Descriptions such as immensely talented, poised, graceful, fluid, serene, and astonishing all fall short of the visual impact of seeing these performers live in such a beautiful, dignified setting."
"... performed with elegance, dignity, and artistic grace ... displays of incredible poise and beauty, not to mention strength"
"The aerial artists took our breath away with high-flying maneuvers and daredevil switchovers high above the stage."
Full Review
The (Harrisburg) Patriot News
"gravity-defying, gasp-inducing ... hypnotic"
"really must be seen to be believed"
"this concert was one of the most incredible things I have ever seen"
Full Review
The (Cumberland PA) Sentinel
"a sold-out house at The Forum was entirely entranced by this breathtaking marriage of acrobatics and classical music"
"a breathtaking mind meld of gymnastics set against an orchestral backdrop of beautiful music"
"This was rare entertainment indeed, a delightfully unexpected merger of art forms that produced high-flying thrills"
"The attraction for the public was apparent, as HSO scored a rare complete sellout for both weekend performances."
Full Review
Orlando Sentinel
"Contortionists, strong men, aerialists, jugglers and clowns took the stage to audience gasps, murmurs and exclamations of "Oh my," "Oh wow!" and even the occasional "Oh, God!"
Full Review
Arkansas Democrat Gazette
"... astonishing, scintillating and jaw-dropping entertainment"
Full Review
"Cirque de la Symphonie is Spectacular"
"breathtaking ... heart-stopping precision"
"Each act is perfectly choreographed"
"... had the audience on their feet"
"brilliant, outstanding ... wow, that was amazing!"
Full Review
"Music meets magic"
"spectacular performances"
"this show was created with the music in mind"
"sold-out theatre"
Full Review
Lincoln Journal Star
"masterly, mistake-free ... they were spectacular"
"a level of grace seldom seen at a circus or anywhere"
"The audience loved what they saw and heard, standing and offering cheers and strong applause at concert's end."
Full Review
Lincoln Classical Music News
"the amazing feats of the cirque artists ... elicited many gasps of awe and bursts of applause"
"well choreographed performances that matched the mood and rhythm of the music"
"another breathtaking performance!"
Full Review
Muskegon Chronicle
"Cirque de la Symphonie ... taking Muskegon by storm"
"an intimate relationship between performer and audience"
"a night of musical and visual entertainment ... artistry and athleticism"
"The crowd was delighted"
"The intense combination of symphonic music, athletic dexterity, and graceful choreography created a stimulating evening."
Full Review
Bachtrack (Toronto)
"TSO Pops opened its season with a jaw-dropping concert featuring Cirque de la Symphonie."
"...served as an exciting introduction to the world of classical repertoire"
"a truly multi-dimensional experience"
"They perform unbelievable physical numbers"
"The audience could not possibly anticipate what would come next."
"...almost divine physical strength"
"It truly was a one-of-a-kind event."
Full Review
The Philadelphia Inquirer
"pushes boundaries with gentility"
"gives emotional gravity... to unusually good gymnastics... poetic implications"
"surprisingly new, even challenging music"
"Where Cirque de la Symphonie truly utilizes the music is in creating a flow."
Full Review
The Wichita Eagle
"The artistry on display was disciplined and impressive."
"effective timing, matching musical gestures to physical ones, crossing the bridge between the traditional approach to circus music in America and the ballet and pantomime that has influenced European cirque"
"the sense of timing was never in doubt"
"fantastic turns and twists in the air seem more like a duet with the musicians"
"truly breathtaking"
"a clear example of the crossover between traditional acrobatics and classical dance that the company pursues"
Full Review
Sioux City Journal
"Cirque de la Symphonie evokes joy, gasps"
"jaw-dropping moves ... one of those breathtaking events"
"The Cirque de la Symphonie effect? Stunning."
"The combination was a winning one."
"still figuring out a way to catch your breath and applaud"
"you knew anything could happen ... it was all good"
Full Review
Richmond Times-Dispatch
"the sold-out audience knew it was in for something different"
"the magic of this program lay in the superb marrying of the always well-played musical selections with the amazing performances of the Cirque artists"
"feats of strength and beauty, repeatedly defying gravity and eliciting oohs, ahs and applause from the enthralled audience"
"It's hard to say what part of the program was the most fun, but the Cirque and the Richmond Symphony supplied plenty."
Full Review
Omaha World-Herald
"When asked to describe the series of difficult-to-impossible stunts flawlessly presented by Cirque de la Symphonie, a reviewer runs a serious risk of running out of words."
"... left a packed Holland Performing Arts Center in awe..."
"... rose well above an Olympic degree of difficulty"
"... bending and twisting in ways that would leave Gumby speechless"
Full Review
The Boston Globe
"the Boston Pops playing in wonderment"
"a triumphant taking of bows ... well-earned"
"the illusion of inviting calamity while maintaining complete control at all times"
"so astonishingly that Keith Lockhart turned to watch as he conducted"
"all about smooth control"
"twisted in impossible ways and undulated like a flame"
"audience applauding at yet another gasp-inducing feat of strength or dexterity"
Full Review
The Indianapolis Star
"Among the many ways music can contribute to visually accessible performance media, 'Cirque de la Symphonie' is perhaps the most spectacular."
"a mesmerizing display of precision acrobatics, graceful and appealing props and costumes, and extraordinary muscular control and balance"
"something daring, sensuous and exactly balanced"
"seemingly impossible, well-judged and balanced formations"
"Superb muscular control and sensitive rapport made precarious poses not only possible, but graceful as well."
Full Review
Cape Town 360
"giving the Cape Town crowd something they have never seen before!"
"world class acts by extremely artistic performers"
"sending shivers down their spines with their daring stunts and talents"
"sitting on the edge of their seats as they wait in anticipation for every new act"
"watched in amazement at a showcase like none other"
"a mind-boggling experience"
Full Review
"the exceptional and unearthly, to all that dazes and dazzle"
"the standard has been set"
"The pair soared above the orchestra and delicately weaved their bodies between the silks, winding and unwinding into the most staggering of suspensions."
"each performer defies the known limits of the human body in one continual series of 'wow' moments"
Full Review
Orlando Sentinel
"...set a record as the Phil's highest-selling concert of all time"
"The circus was never so thrilling."
Full Review
"a visual and musical spectacle for the entire family"
"Adults and children alike gasped and cheered"
"an aural and visual spectacle that will not soon be forgotten"
Full Review
"glorious feats of athleticism and agility ... a dazzling amount of physical dexterity"
"frequent bursts of delighted applause"
"a terrific family-oriented event ... enthralling physical feats"
"The audience seemed enchanted with all elements of the program, giving a hearty standing ovation at the end."
Full Review
DC Metro Theater Arts
"mesmerizing blend of exquisite orchestral music, haunting vocals and heart pounding acrobatics"
"the death-defying antics of the Cirque performers transport audiences out of the everyday and into the world of the magical"
Full Review
"never fails to delight an audience"
"..exhilerating..thrilling..grace and flexibility"
"leaves an audience gasping"
Full Review
The Huffington Post
"This show is musically compelling, on top of being a lot of fun."
"...moves that you would see in Olympic rings, but with much more control and lyricism"
"...just flows with a degree of difficulty that is off the charts"
"extreme yogic positions"
"...their precarious dangles and torso interlocks hypnotize"
"Cirque de la Symphonie has multi-generational and broad cross-over appeal and that has proved a winning combination with many orchestras trying to build new audiences."
Full Review
The Morning Call
“It was a spectacle, as five performers from Cirque de la Symphonie performed exquisitely choreographed acts just a few feet in front of the orchestra.”
“…an astounding array of feats performed by artists with some of the most perfect of physiques”
“one's eyes never left the action”
“…flying through the air as if on wings”
Full Review
The Columbus Dispatch
“Combine some of the best in classical music with incredible circus performers, and you get a fantastic return performance from Cirque de la Symphonie”
“This show was exciting to watch”
“All these performers were awesome”
“Children of all ages were spellbound”
Full Review
Broadway World
“The Ohio Theatre's gilded halls were transformed into a dazzling display of majesty and mystery”
“enthralling performances by some of the most accomplished international cirque performers”
“Each act mesmerized audiences with a powerful marriage of unparalleled visual and aural expression”
“…masterfully coupled exhilaratingly dynamic acrobatics with equally bombastic musical works”
“Cirque performers precisely executed kinesthetic movements that blended seamlessly into the music”
“In its unique adaption of symphonic favorites, "Cirque de la Symphonie" elegantly fused two art forms to create a vivid collaboration that inspired and amazed.”
Full Review
The Sentinel
“Cirque de la Symphonie amazes crowd”
“all tickets have been sold”
“..a spectacular night of performance art that had a capacity Forum crowd cheering wildly on multiple occasions”
“What sets Cirque de la Symphonie apart is its use of history’s most beautiful music”
“..surprisingly fresh and intriguing”
“..the effect was electric .. defied belief”
“Cirque de la Symphonie has been a runaway success since its inception, selling out concert after concert with the nation’s foremost orchestras”

Full Review
Huffington Post
“Cirque de la Symphonie flies high with the Hawai'i Symphony Orchestra”
“It was glorious. It was unanimous.
“dancing sixty feet above the audience, tethered to the stage by gravity and flowing silk fabric - like swans they flew”
“credits are international, extensive and impressive”
“The visuals of Cirque de la Symphonie allow us to cognitively see music and therefore appreciate the orchestra in an entirely new way.”

Full Review
“Cirque, Fort Worth Symphony soar as one”
“The result is spectacular”
“a seamless ensemble .. a unified show”
“remarkable grace and composure”

Full Review
The Daily Gazette
"Safe to say there has seldom if ever been such astonishing live entertainment in the Koussevitzky Music Shed."
Full Review
“Tanglewood was really packed last night.
The feature was an array of performers who were like other worldly magicians who did the amazing, the incredible and the beautiful to live music provided by the Boston Pops.
There were gasps and laughs and intermittent shouts and applause: not typical at Tanglewood.
The weather was perfect and the show was wonderful.”

Full Review
The Malaysian Reserve
“the audience at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas oohed and aahed at the physical dexterity and clever theatrical nuances incorporated.”
“It was both spectacular and artistic.”
“..received a rave response from the audience”
“ was an amazing spectacle to behold.”
“The show will be most welcomed should it return in later years.”

Full Review
Yakima Herald
“..thunderous applause from the audience”
“The sight of two performers spinning effortlessly above one of the most famous ballet themes ever written was visually and acoustically stunning.”
“ artistic tour de force”

Full Review
Nashville Parent Magazine
“An exquisite, dazzling, mind-blowing night of family entertainment”
“the perfect family show that kids of all ages will love”
“The talented cast of cirque performers delivers awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping feats throughout the two-hour, eye-popping evening.”
“It’s awesome to watch each act in such an intimate, up-close setting”
“Cirque de la Symphonie is definitely the hot ticket in town this weekend, and it’s a magical experience your family will always remember.”

Full Review
Billings Gazette
A rare sign hung on the door of the Alberta Bair Theater during the Billings Symphony Orchestra's "Cirque de la Symphonie" performance on Saturday night. It read, “Sold Out.”
“amazing strength and balance”
“flexibility and beautifully flowing movement”

Full Review
Splash Magazine
“a mesmerizing event”
“The audience was thrilled and bedazzled”
“words do no justice to this memorable event”
“you felt as if you were transformed to another time and place”
“To say ‘it was a sight and experience to behold,’ is an understatement”

Full Review
DC Metro Theater Arts
“bound to become a seasonal tradition at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts”
“the kids eat it up”
“The pairing of circus and symphony is genius”
“lofty and aloft, among the greatest arts on Earth piling on.”
“sheer magic … awakening every childhood fantasy”
“This supreme Halloween treat is not to be missed.”

Full Review
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
"Seriously, how did they do that?"
"...slowly shifting, precariously balanced human sculpture created by two men in shimmering gold body paint"
"The performance received an enthusiastic standing ovation."
Full Review
Korea Herald
“The audience gasped in awe”
“He danced in the air .. literally defying gravity .. immense strength and flexibility”
“The acts allow children and people who are not familiar with classical music to understand the meaning of the classical compositions -- the true emotions that the pieces can evoke.”
“The audience was able to appreciate the dynamic beauty and liveliness of the composition rather than just watching the orchestra perform.”

Full Review
The Malaysian Reserve
Cirque de la Symphonie’s team of aerial flyers, acrobats, strongmen and jugglers pushes the thrill to another level that leaves the heart pounding in awe and amazement!
An array of emotions — anxiety, fascination, surprise, delight and wonderment — all in one go.
Was Cirque de la Symphonie really worth the hype? Yes it was!
… took the audience out of this world and to a whimsical place filled with wonderment and pleasant surprises.
The MPO and Cirque de La Symphonie were given a standing ovation. The people have indeed spoken!

Full Review
New Straits Times
.. stunning aerial and acrobatic performances, as well as feats of strength and endurance
Enthralled audience members cheered and gasped in equal measure
.. a memorable and thoroughly enjoyable experience, judging from the raucous applause from the mesmerized audience
Let's hope that the MPO and DFP will have more collaborations with this astounding team that will see them coming back for more jaw-dropping acts in the near future!

Full Review
The Sentinel
Cirque de la Symphonie amazes crowd with HSO performance
David N. Dunkle
March 7, 2015
HARRISBURG — Cirque de la Symphonie aerialist Christine Van Loo swirled high above The Forum stage in seemingly effortless fashion on Saturday night, her limbs wrapped by yards of purple silk.

Many feet below the champion American gymnast, Maestro Stuart Malina led the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra in a gorgeous slice of Johannes Brahms’ Symphony No. 3 in F major, composed in 1883.
Van Loo’s balletic maneuvers, perfectly choreographed to HSO’s expert delivery of Brahms’ complex music, presented a stunning marriage of sound and motion. And that was just the opening sortie in a spectacular night of performance art that had a capacity Forum crowd cheering wildly on multiple occasions.

The show, HSO’s third Pops program of the 2014-15 season, will be repeated at 3 p.m. today in The Forum, but all tickets have been sold for that performance.

Cirque de la Symphonie, in a manner that is reminiscent of Canada’s more famous Cirque du Soleil, presents a spectacular parade of beautifully costumed, incredibly fit athletes performing remarkable — and often risky — feats of physical prowess taken from centuries of circus tradition.

What sets Cirque de la Symphonie apart is its use of history’s most beautiful music, which enable it to partner with orchestras such as HSO in ways that are surprisingly fresh and intriguing.

HSO also ventured some unaccompanied offerings, lending the night a Spanish touch with lovely renditions of works by Mexican composer Geronimo Gimenez and Spaniard Manuel de Falla.
Saturday night’s program featured lush orchestral pieces by composers such as Rimsky-Korsakov, Leonard Bernstein, Respighi-Rossini, Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky and a piece from the movie “Hook” by the great John Williams. Although this was a Pops concert, the music was drawn from classical masterpieces that could easily be included in one of HSO’s Masterworks programs.

Atlanta-based Cirque de la Symphonie has been a runaway success since its inception, selling out concert after concert with the nation’s foremost orchestras. This weekend’s visit to Harrisburg marks the company’s second appearance with HSO, following two sold-out shows in 2013.

The colorful troupe combines world-class acrobats, aerial artists, jugglers, illusionists and contortionists with the world’s finest classical music to create physical works of art on stage.

The combination of old-world circus tradition with new-world theatrics is eye opening, but the skills of the performers are not lost in the shuffle. When aerialist Vitalii Buza made a one-handed flyover of the audience to the strains of Williams’ “Flight to Neverland,” the effect was electric.

Elastic-limbed juggler Vladimir Tsarkov’s amazing skills actually seemed enhanced when set against the Overture from Bernstein’s “Candide,” while Alina Sergeeva did things with hula hoops that defied belief while Malina and HSO hammered out Rimsky-Korsakov’s “Danse des Bouffons” from “The Snow Maiden.”

Among the highlights of the show’s second half was an aerial duet featuring Van Loo and famed Russian aerialist Alexander Streltsov, whose high-flying maneuvers seemed perfectly suited to Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake.”

The artists of Cirque de la Symphonie bring a rare combination of power and artistry to their work, which marries seamlessly to the orchestral soundscapes produced by HSO. There may come a day when this will get old, but that day certainly has not arrived yet.